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C O N S U L T A N C Y - S E R V I C E S

AJS offer a full advisory and management service covering all aspects of fishery and waterbody management. The expert advice given is based on sound academic knowledge and many years of practical experience.

AJS Expertise

Recreational fishery management:

  • The management of waterbody's for angling

Fish farming, fishing ranching and cropping:

  • Generating income from fish production​

Farm diversification:

  • The use of waterbody's on farms to produce sustainable income streams

Pond construction/restoration and rehabilitation:

  • Creating and managing waterbody's to provide optimum returns

  • Aquatic weed control

  • Fisheries and wetland conservation

  • Fish stock assessment and stocking policies fish health and disease

  • Silt management

  • Fishery/Waterbody management planning

Our team has over 30 years of fishery management, conservation and development experience, you can learn more about them below.

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