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PROS are a manufacturer and our supplier of professional rain and wet wear, they specialise in industry leading clothing that tackles the most demanding jobs. PROS products are dedicated to various branches of industry, construction, fishing, rescue and municipal services and for non professional use.

If you work with water or in the weather, PROS and AJS Fisheries can definitely help you, take a look around at what we stock and what we can supply.


Over the course of several decades of fishery management work we have used lots of different equipment and brands, but over the last couple of years we have landed on some keepers in PROS. Having found some staple gear we trust we have started to supply it as our range of fishery management work wear.


PROS Catalogue


We have hand selected and tested the PROS work wear we supply but we are by no means limited to that gear. We can supply a massive range of specialised work wear with discounts for large scale orders, please take a look at our catalogue and get in touch for any specific requirements you may have.


PROS offer a vast range of products that encompass all aspects of PPE and general waterproof kit. If there are any products we don't show above that you are looking for get in touch through the links below and we will be happy to help.

01476 870647

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