This product is ideal for treating algal scums, rafts and blanket weed. It works on contact & releases oxygen as a bi product of its contact with water. The product has also been used in aquaculture for its oxygenation, disinfection and anti parasitic properties.


It is a granular product that is sprinkled on to the surface of the water / blanket weed. Algae Buster works on contact and results can be instant.  Dose rate for small areas of blanket weed are 50 g per square metre. The dose rate for one acre is 125 kg, repeat doses after 2 to 3 weeks may be necessary to treat algae that was missed first time around or if the blanket weed is very dense. Usually you don't need to apply regularly, a single dose will clear up ponds and lakes.


Please note that the dose rate is per acre of blanket weed, not per acre of water.

Please contact us for advice on exact dose rates and discounts on bulk orders.

Algae Buster

SKU: ME001001