Aqua Bacteria removes Algae & Blanket Weed from Ponds & Lakes.

  • Prevents blanket weed and algal blooms

  • Helps to prevent green and cloudy water

  • Reduces organic silt build-up

  • Eliminates odour problems

  • Non-chemical, safe for fish farms and irrigation ponds



Natural bacteria and fungi, buffers and natural dispersing agents. Including 4 primary strains of non-pathogenic bacteria at a concentration of 2 billion colony-forming unit's (CFU’s) per gram.



Aqua Bacteria (AB) is a natural formulation of bacteria, enzymes, buffers and dispersing agents. Some of the species of bacteria in AB use nitrates and phosphates that stimulate heavy algal growth as their own food source, starving the algae and reducing algal growth. This help to prevent algae blooms by removing nitrates and phosphates -the primary food source of algae from the water. The remaining species break down the organic solids from fish and waterfowl waste and decaying plant material that causes cloudy water, sludge build-up and foul odours.



AB is harmless to pond animal life and to rooted plants. The microbes in AB help to break down the toxic ammonia and nitrite compounds that accumulate in ponds with large fish or waterfowl population, the use of AB can create a less stressful environment for aquatic animal life.


Aqua Bacteria

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