Aquatic weeds & algae often cause serious problems in ponds, interfering with fishing, boating, swimming, and irrigation. Extremely dense growths of filamentous algae and submerged weeds may cause serious problems to fish as a result of night time oxygen depletion.


Manual algae prevention is very labour intensive and not always practical. The use of chemicals, algaecides, herbicides etc, if not used in precise doses or under strict supervision by experts, can have a negative effect on fish, plants and other species.


We are using Aquatic dyes as an economic method of controlling algae & submerged plant growth in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. The results have been amazing!


The specially formulated dyes reduce the light available to the plants leading to their eventual physiological exhaustion and death, hence remediating the problem.


AJS Fisheries has used these dyes to remove both algae & weed growth from ponds and lakes ranging from ½ an acre to 20 acres.


Aquatic Blue Dye

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