With all of the tragic KHV outbreaks this year we have been working with BIOLINK to make their superb BIO VX concentrated virucidal disinfectant available to fishery managers, fish farmers and angling organisations. This disinfectant has been tested by CEFAS and is effective against KHV.


Bio VX is broad spectrum and effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and all known classes of virus. Because of superior dilution rates it is highly cost-effective, works equally well in both hard and soft water and is unaffected by temperature.


General Properties

Bio VX is a pink powder consisting of a stabilised blend of peroxygen
compounds, surfactants, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system.


Instruction for Use

Use Bio VX as a dip for angling and fishery equipment.

Manufacturer’s recommendations are a dilution rate of 1:200 which
equates to 0.5kg to 100l of water. Equipment should be fully
immersed in the disinfectant and not rinsed in clean water. 


If your fishery has had a KHV outbreak you should use the
​CEFAS recommended rate of 1:100 which equates to 1kg per 100l.

Bio VX

SKU: FH019001