We have been working hard over the last few years to improve our fish stocks in our fisheries and fish farm. One area that we have been closely looking at is skin, scale and fin quality. Our research has led us to a very special type of clay regularly used by top koi breeders and keepers.​​

The clay has a very high mineral and trace element profile and can really help the condition and quality of your stock.


We have been using the clay under our automatic feeding
units and a 25 kg sack disappears within days of its introduction.
I am convinced that the fish pick the clay up whilst feeding
and also there is important ion exchange across the gills as
the fish disturb the clay whilst feeding.


In my opinion the clay helps with food digestion and also by
providing essential minerals and trace elements hence
​promoting growth and fish health.


I would recommend anyone to try it and see the improvements in their stock.

Carp Clay

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