We are now offering for sale the gloves we have used successfully for years in our fisheries work. The two types of gloves detailed cover all the conditions you are likely to come across whilst working on your fishery, fish farm or contract work.


The gloves are strong, durable, comfortable to wear and above all will keep your hands from turning to blocks of ice in extreme conditions.


  • Lightweight superstretch 5mm neoprene gloves providing superb comfort & freedom of movement. Ideally suited to temperate water conditions, and light duty work such as grading and delivering or any other purpose where warmth and comfort are paramount. Palms and fingers are coated with an extra strong honey comb dotted surface, providing high strength and ensuring a perfect positive grip

  • Flexible 5mm thick superstretch neoprene combined with extremely tough and durable palms and fingers reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fibres. A glove that is extremely comfortable but also strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions, ideally suited to colder water temperatures and hard work such as netting.