The more knowledge you have about the waters that you manage will help with the effective management of the site. The natural history of your waters gives you a good insight into the health and productivity of the fishery.


Being able to identify the plants and animals associated with the water is not only useful for management but is rewarding on a personal level. The range and depth of life surrounding freshwaters is staggering


We can offer the water body management a range of products to help survey their waters:

Water Testing Kits

Secchi Discs

Plant & Animal Survey Kits


This Kit contains everything you need to collect freshwater aquatic life in one easy package. It includes an economical and lightweight net that is ideal for anyone wanting a high quality, but affordable net. 

The frame is made onsite in our workshop, using lightweight aluminium and has two comfortable foam grips on the handle. The net bag is made from 1mm polyester mesh and attaches to the frame using strong velcro. This means that it can easily be removed for washing or replacement. Please note that this net is designed for pond dipping and is not suitable for dragging on the bottom of a pond or for sampling dense vegetation. 


The flexible white plastic tray is ideal for sorting through your catch. You can pick up any tiny creatures safely and easily using the plastic pipette, use the Bug Viewer to take a closer look at a specimen through the magnifying lid and then store your specimens in the watertight, screw-top sampling pots - just remember to put them back in the pond when you have finished.


Finally, follow the key on the Freshwater Name Trail chart to find out exactly what is wriggling in the bottom of your net. This easy to use chart covers the most commonly found freshwater invertebrates and is fully laminated so it will not matter if you accidentally drop it in the pond.


Fishery Survey Kit

SKU: ME026001