AJS Fisheries have been using these waders for a number of years and have found them to be ideal for fishery management applications. The greatest advantage is their price, we can have two pairs of PROS for the cost of one pair of the other leading brands. This means that not only have you always got a spare dry pair to use it give us more time to disinfect between jobs i.e. one pair one another the next. Safer for us and our the biosecurity of our customers.

These waders are made of sturdy Plavitex material with a PVC coating and a soft polyester inside that feels very comfortable. The PROS Waders have elastic and adjustable shoulder straps for optimal comfort. On the inside of these waders there is a large pocket for smaller gear. All the seams have double stitching and are welded for more durability. Sturdy PVC boots with a nice profiled sole provide you with optimal grip on any surface.

Pro Waders