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Siltex is a natural and inexpensive way to reduce organic silt and improve water quality in both lakes and rivers, in private and public waterways. It is environmentally friendly and is harmless to plants and animals, and because it recycles organic material, it is a great benefit to the aquatic ecosystem.


Siltex also stimulates the aquatic food chain and helps to increase biodiversity.​New Improved QualityThis new variety of Siltex is a softer and more soluble type of chalk that will continue to dissipated unwanted organic matter. Just see the difference!


What is Siltex?

Siltex is a highly porous form of Calcium Carbonate, or chalk, made up of minute particles. Being Calcium Carbonate it is completely harmless to plants and wildlife.


What are the main benefits of using Siltex?

It decreases organic and oxidisable matter which is displayed asa reduction in silt levelsIt increases oxygenation and stimulates aerobic micro-organismsIt improves water clarity by settling suspended waterborne solidsIt reduces methane production by silt bodyIt counteracts acidity in the water and the siltIt provides essential Calcium for plants and wildlifeIt increases biodiversity within the water bodies


Where can Siltex be used?

SILTEX can be used in freshwater environments such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals and fisheries where organic silt accumulation is a problem. It can also be used to raise the pH value of water bodies suffering form acidification.


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