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AJS Fisheries, with help from our partners aim to offer all fishery managers, fish farmers and aquaculture proffessionals the best equipment and service on the market. We strive to provide the highest quality products and the best service possible to enable our customers and their fish to flourish.

If you would like to know more on how we can help you please get in contact:

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All lakes are very different which means we need a wide specification of seine nets to survey and audit all the fisheries we work with. Advanced netting are our partner and supplier of high quality seine nets.

If you need any nets or workwear for managing your fishery we can help, just get in touch.

AJS Fisheries have teamed up with Alu Carp Boats to bring the ultimate carp fishing boat to the UK!

We are proud to be offering our own AJS ACB on a weekly rental basis for you to have the carp fishing holiday of your dreams. We are also very excited to be bringing the sale of the Alu Carp Boat to the UK, so you can spec out your own custom boat.

You can find out more on how to rent our boat or customise your own below:


Aquacultur is our German partner and supplier of all things aquaculture. Their vast catalogue of supplies covers everything from air diffusers to fish stunning units, and feeders to off shore cages. Anything you need thanks to Aquacultur we can supply it.

If you are interested in a catalogue please find the digital copy below or fill in our contact form to request a physical copy.

Aquatic Chalks Ltd is the sole supplier of Siltex a super fine grade of chalk only available from one quarry in the UK, Siltex can be found in our shop or on the tab at the top.

Siltex is a highly porous form of calcium carbonate, or chalk, made up of minute particles.

It works as a natural and inexpensive way to reduce organic silt and improve water quality in ponds, lakes and rivers. Siltex is environmentally friendly and harmless to plants and animals, because it recycles organic material it is also a great benefit to aquatic ecosystems

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Aquatic Services

Aquatic Services help to provide connections and supplies for all of our fish farming, fishery management and aquaculture equipment.

Aquatic Services is the also original home of our popular Steel Venturi system which has given the Environment Agency and countless fisheries/fish farms the protection against oxygen crashes they need.

Dyofix supply some of the best lake and pond treatments available for treating aquatic algae and weeds and their products are scalable from garden ponds to large scale fisheries.

Dyofix pond dye is a brilliant way of preventing algae and weed growth, it blocks sunlight from penetrating water thus restricting any aquatic vegetations ability to respire, ultimately suffocating it. 

Byofix Beneficial bacteria is a healthy culture of friendly bacteria that outcompete algae and weed for the nutrients they need to survive.


Founded in 1958, FAIVRE Group designs, manufactures and markets high quality machinery for the aquaculture industry. FAIVRE is today the leading French manufacturer of aquaculture equipment and one of the world leaders in its field.

AJS Fisheries have partnered with the French firm to bring their high quality aquaculture equipment to the UK, we currently stock their two flagship aerators the Venturi style Aquasub and the splash style Flobull, we can however source their equipment to specification for clients.

Designed for fishery management by fishery managers.

We have used all of our combined 40+ years of experience to put together the ultimate fishery drysuit, packed with fishery specific features from Cordura knee reinforcing to heavy duty latex wrist seals.

AJS Drysuit
Fish Health & Biosecurity

Lanexess biosecurity solutions are our longterm supplier of disinfectant called BioVX. The pink powder has been tested by CEFAS and found to be effective against KHV, as well as a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and all known classes of virus.

We use BioVX to disinfect all of our netting equipment to keep our customers waters, and stocks safe, we also provide mandatory net dips using BioVX on our fisheries for the same reasons. Because we have found it such a reliable safety feature we also supply BioVX and offer signage designed for fisheries to go alongside their net dips. 

PROS are a manufacturer and our supplier of professional rain and wet wear, they specialise in industry leading clothing that tackles the most demanding jobs. PROS products are dedicated to various branches of industry, construction, fishing, rescue and municipal services and for non professional use.

If you work with water or in the weather, PROS and AJS Fisheries can definitely help you, take a look around at what we stock and what we can supply.

Purewell Aquaculture

Purewell Fish Farming Equipment offers a wide range of fish farming and aquaculture equipment they specialise in all types of fish farming tanks from transport to lumpfish tanks. Purewells vast range of fish farming equipment is complemented by an extremely capable range of workboats including Punts and NAB Dories, available in the UK. 

If you have any questions or requirements please contact us below.

We have teamed up with one of the UK’s top small boat manufactures, Sea Spray Boats to offer a great small boat option for anglers & fishery managers.

The glass reinforced plastic construction of the AJS Microboat makes it brilliantly efficient when it comes to repairs. Most Microboats and dinghies come in white or a bland variation with some coloured highlights. Ours had to be a carpy olive green for the ultimate carping boat, unique and custom to us the AJS spec Microboat is truly one of a kind.

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