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Purewell Lumpfish Tanks
Purewell Fish Farming Equipment


Purewell Fish Farming Equipment offers a wide range of fish farming tanks, equipment and more. Take a look below at their range of tanks to see if they can help you.

If you see anything you need or have any questions feel free to contact us for enquiries or more information to meet your requirements.


Purewells vast range of fish farming equipment is complemented by an extremely capable range of workboats including Punts and NAB Dories available in the UK. 


Enquire today to discuss your requirements or contact us to discuss a quotation.


While there are some standardised items Purewells Fishery Equipment is all highly customisable to meet requirements and fit your use case.

To make an enquiry or request a custom spec please get in touch with what exactly it is you require and we will get the equipment made up to your specification.

01476 870647

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