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AJS Fisheries will only sell fish to sites who hold the necessary legal paperwork, this includes a CEFAS registration form and an EA site permit. These requirements should be met before placing an order with us and a site permit should be uploaded at the required stage of our order form. Please see more info on this process below: 

CEFAS Registration

All UK based fisheries, fish farms and growing-on sites must be registered with CEFAS, the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Registration typically takes between 2 and 4 weeks, and begins with the application form attached below, please fill this in and send it to the address on the final page.

EA Live Fish Movements Site Permit

Live site permits changed in 2015 to a new system where-in the Environment Agency require a CEFAS registration number in order to process site permits.

Once CEFAS registered, we recommend contacting the Environment Agency Fish Movement Team to apply for your permit, this process can also take 2 - 4 weeks so we suggest you do this as early as possible.



Order Details:

Fishery Address:

Upload EA Site Permit

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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All quoted prices are excluding vat and delivery.

Discounts are available for large orders.
Payment is due on delivery of fish. Orders under £1000, payment prior to delivery please.
Deposits are required for contract growing.

Coarse Fish are available between October and April.

Delivery Charges:
Less than 50 miles from Grantham £40
50 to 100 miles from Grantham £70
100 to 150 miles from Grantham £100
150 to 200 miles from Grantham £130
200 to 250 miles from Grantham £160
250 to 300 miles from Grantham £190
300 to 350 miles from Grantham £220
350 to 400 miles from Grantham £240
400 to 450 miles from Grantham £270
(All prices exclude vat)


All fish are supplied in line with current Environment Agency requirements.

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