The AJS Fisheries zip cages are without doubt the best fishing holding nets we have ever used. Designed and built out of necessity and tested over the last 15 years we are now happy to offer them for sale.


The nets are constructed from a soft material that is as fish friendly as possible. The one metre cubic capacity gives plenty of fish storage and the nature of the material allows a good water exchange maintaining optimum water quality conditions for the fish. The cages are easy to handle in and out of the water.


The large lid retaining zip means that once your valuable stock are zipped up they are not going anywhere. Ideal for grading, setting up orders or short term stock retention.


The cages are supported by a plastic push fit floatation collar allowing good buoyancy and the ability to collapse the cages at the end of a hard days netting for stowage.

Zip Cages

SKU: ME023001