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These rules have been drawn up to protect the fish stocks and wildlife of the fisheries.

1. AJS Fisheries accept no responsibility for any injury, illness or damage to persons or property in connection with the facilities provided.

2. Anglers must park in designated areas & close all gates having passed through Environment Agency Byelaws apply.

3. No wading or swimming.

4. Suitable landing nets and unhooking mats must be used. Pike anglers must also have appropriate unhooking equipment.

5. Fish to be returned to the water as soon as possible.

6. Carp Sacks are strictly forbidden, any anglers with carp sacks on the fishery will be instantly banned.

7. No braided main line or casting leaders of any kind. Minimum diameter of 0.35mm.

8. No littering.

9. No boats (except at Knipton).

10. No dogs (except Girton A).

11. Permit holders shall not add to, remove or alter in any way the banks, trees & land surrounding the


12. Anglers must not engage in any activity or angling practice that endangers the fish stocks, wildlife or water bodies of AJS Fisheries. (It is your responsibility to make sure your rigs are safe).

13. AJS Fisheries reserves the right to change the rules and conditions if deemed necessary.

14. Spomb floats must be used at all times.

15. The use of plastic hook baits is strictly prohibited.

16. Anglers wanting to publish vlogs, blogs or any other commercial promotion must have prior permission.


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