The Cutter has been specially designed to quickly and easily cut away weed with out fouling in rivers, canals and ponds both upstream and downstream 

Its spring steels blade are serrated on both edges and as each blade is twisted there is always a cutting edge presented to the weed. Extremely light, a set of nine blades weighing under 5 kilos, including the chains. Clearweed is easy to handle and can be carried in a car boot. 

Cutting upstream, all weed can be cleared by using the cutter on the river bed. Cutting downstream a controlled amount of weed, if need to provide aquatic life for fish can be left. The slower the Cutter is used the deeper the cut. 

Made up in 36 inch sections to any required length. Chain weights supplied free. The standard length is nine sections making up 27 feet, units can be joined to make longer cutters

Chain Cutter

SKU: WC038001