A&E Carp Propolis – natures own first aid kit

Fish care should be the top priority of every angler. Having landed your quarry you should check it for any health issues and if possible attend to them before returning it to the water.


A&E Carp Propolis can help to treat the following:

Ulcers, open wounds, damaged fins and hook holds.


Bees produce propolis and it has anti bacterial, fungal and viral properties. Propolis is known as nature’s antibiotic, and it will help ensure your fish stay in great condition.

BEE Safe Propolis - 30ml

SKU: FH018001
  • Use to seal ulcers, damaged fins, open wounds and Hook holds.

    Apply the propolis to the wound & allow the medication to work for 30 seconds before you return it.

    Upon contact with water, the propolis becomes insoluble, forming a waxy seal to help prevent pathogens or debris entering an open wound.